Over the first 6 blogs you will go through the following phases:


The first 6 blogs introduced suggestions and resources designed to get an aspiring book group leader up and running.  Most resources are  able to be printed from the site.  Just click on the links below, after reading the referenced blogs.

The September 27, 2017 blog  was designed to help you choose the model you want and a site to operate from.   It also gives you a vision of what's ahead because you would need to be thinking about that as you reach out to establish your group.

The October 13, 2017  helps you set up a schedule and select 1-2 starter books.

The October 27, 2017 blog  helps you understand participation patterns and provide effective communication ideas to keep your participants informed and involved as working group members.

The November 10, 2017 blog  explains how we are choosing the books to post and how you can involve your participants in the selection of future books in theme areas.

The January 15, 2018 blog  helps you develop good discussion questions.

Coming soon, 2018 blog  helps you improve group dynamics, and this will be a periodic blog topic in the future as well.

Beyond this point, many of the new materials will relate to new discussion guides for specific books, although examples for some are posted on the site now.  And you will be guiding us as you submit ideas and suggestions.  We will be inviting guests to write blogs, perhaps even you, if you become a participant in this effort.  We plan to be around at least through the elections of 2018 and 2020 and definitely beyond if interest and need in such a force for political change is evident.

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