How can I get a sponsor to support my efforts to start a book group?


Make a written appeal first (See the Template for the Proposal to a Sponsor). This gives the chairperson time to read over the proposal and run it by a few others. If you haven’t heard back in a week or two, call the office. In the proposal, I offered to come to any meetings to explain further and that was important. I was invited to an Open House and chatted with people about the idea and got about 20 interested people to sign up. I planned to attend a Board meeting as well, but it got snowed out. We are in New England! Mention of the group in follow- up party newsletters occurred and our group is now at 35 members and growing. You could also mention this blogsite if the Party leaders wish to see information on a group that is up and running.

     Do not give up if the Party Office is not interested. Try Party-affiliated groups like Indivisible, or try a neighboring county, or get a few friends and neighbors to join you. A group of 2 or 3 people can have a great conversation. Or you can even pour yourself a beverage of choice, settle in with a political book and perhaps even keep a journal on your thoughts. A very personal and satisfying venture into politics.