Where can I host these meetings?

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      If you are already working with a small group of known participants, or are going to pull together such a group, you may be planning to have meetings at each others' homes. Your meeting locales are easily arranged. You can skip the next paragraphs in this section.

     I would encourage many of you to think beyond the home book group model and go with one aligned with your own political party headquarters or affiliate groups. For one thing, many home book groups actually want to avoid political books, because their members/friends have quite diverse political views and discussion can get uncomfortable.  If you go with a model based in a political party culture, participants will be somewhat like-minded, though discussions can still get spirited.  Also, there are many people, outside your group of friends and acquaintances, who want to squeeze political books into their busy schedule because they have come to realize how important it is to be informed. So, instead of recruiting friends for my book group, I first proposed my idea to run it through my county’s Democratic Party, because I have mostly been an Independent voter, leaning Democratic.  Everything went well from the beginning. 

     There are advantages of running a book group out of a local party headquarters. They probably have meeting space and a ready-made mailing list to provide publicity. Fortunately for our group, the leaders liked the idea and have been extremely supportive with both. Good publicity and a room for the meetings - just what you need. I think it will continue to be a great partnership.

     Already established political groups in your area (such as Indivisible) are also a possibility, and could perhaps give you some publicity with their members. Party headquarters might be able to help get you in touch with leaders of existing auxiliary groups.