What type of schedule works best for your group?


What type of schedule works best for the group?


What type of schedule works best for the group?

     If you have an already established group of readers, you will probably have a schedule and time set up already.  If you are going to work within a political party structure or at a community site, I can tell you what time frame and monthly calendar seems to work best.  I have learned by trial and error in this regard, and this is what I would go with.  I have seen weekend groups work well, but I try to stick with week days. 

But you have to think of yourself too.  These books are not “beach reads”, to be honest.  Can you keep up the pace of reading a political book every 7-10 weeks?  As you set up a schedule, it is OK to think of yourself first.  You might want to go with a three or four book series.

     The readers I have worked with, despite the best intentions, find it difficult to read a challenging book in the summer and in the busy holiday time from the week of Thanksgiving through the celebrations of the New Year.  This five book annual schedule works well for me, and I introduced the starter book in the spring:

• Mid-Late September

• Mid-November

• Late January

• Late March

• Mid-May

Not everyone will come every time, of course, but these are the months which will have the best attendance.

     If you are operating out of a political party office or some other community site (ex. library, school/college classroom, senior center,  others) you are going to attract readers who work during the day as well as those who are interested, but only if the book group meets in the daytime.  I knew I would need to offer a daytime and an evening group to reach all of those eager participants.  I schedule them in the same (busy!) week, but it also gives you a good stretch of preparation time to prepare for the next book discussion.  The times you originally set up may change with group input, as mine did, but these time slots seem to work best:

Daytime – 1:00-2:30 (Get some home before the schoolkids arrive and others before rush hour traffic)

Evening – 6:15-7:45 (Time for some to grab a quick bite to eat and get home early enough to relax)