Who we are and why we're doing this

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Leone:  Your Brain on Politics Site Designer and Business Coordinator

Hi, I'm Leone !  I'm certainly an unlikely one to be involved in this project.  My path took me through degrees in dance with a professional career in performing, instructing in four colleges, and then owning and operating a school of dance for 39 years. "Political" would never have been a description of my particular "style" but as a mentor for so many girls and women in my long career, I always tried to be the beacon for truth, fairness, and kindness to my students. With the results of our last election, I was desperate for some sort of relief, a plan, something I could possibly do to help in addition to following Jen Hoffman's fine action checklist for Americans of Conscience. I knew by helping others I also help myself, and in no other situation in life did I feel so close to so many who join me in believing that only through education, and activism are we able to hold on to our democracy.  I've started this project not knowing a thing about creating a website, but by nature I'm not one to shy away from a challenge!  When I am not searching Google on how to built a website, I enjoy being with my family shown above (as well as my son who is absent from this picture, Coconut Glen, who resides in Maui).

Elaine: Your Brain on Politics Content Coordinator

   I am a retired curriculum and staff development coordinator from central Maine school systems and have led adult book clubs for about fourteen years, both career-related and as a rewarding retirement activity.  I undertook establishment of a political book club when, after the 2016 election, I found myself dismayed and unable to focus on the things that usually bring me much pleasure in life.  After a while, I knew I needed to take steps to restore my natural optimism.  What could I do?  I first considered volunteering to work for the Democratic Party.  But making calls or working in the ground campaign is not for me, though I have huge admiration for those who do this important work.   Then I thought, “What if I put together what I love to do and what I am good at with the political needs of today”?   And there it was - lead a political book group.  I firmly believe that more well-informed voters (myself included) will lead to more well-informed activism in the campaigns and elections in 2018 and beyond.  And I also happen to have four young ladies in my life, for whom I always try to shape a wonderful future.